Hyper-Expectations and Reality

Do you know what holds most people back from their online dreams?

Its actually a collision between super-expectancy and reality.

No, I haven’t lots my mind. At least not yet.

We get something built up in our mind and get that “this is it” feeling washing over us.

That is a good thing! Something positive to build on.

It’s positive. It gives you the juice to move forward.

The energy to stay focused and on fire.

But there is something very important you MUST understand…

When we first get an idea and get excited, our minds generate and exaggerate positive outcomes.

But things don’t always turn out as planned do they?

And what should we do when we suddenly find out that the dream was a mirage?

Here is an example…

A lady named Lisa just joined this great hosting company. She is really working hard in the business she established.

One day she received word that a huge hosting society website is going to run her free 6-line classified ad free!

This was being done as a sponsor because the society is thrilled about her new website.

You can imagine the excitement to land such a big “fish” promoting her business to literally thousands of people!

Sounds like the floodgates are about to be opened. Success at last.

The mention of Lisa’s classified turns out to be at the very bottom of the society newsletter.

What a huge disappointment!

Discouragement – Disappointment – Disillusionment

That trio of Triple D comes over her like ants to a picnic.

Triple D can take you from the pinnacle to the pits in moments.

You’ve had this happen to you, right? Me too. We ALL have.

“This was a crazy dream I shouldn’t have thought this would work.”

“Everything always turns out this way. Why do I even try?”

“I thought this was it! I cannot believe it turned out this way.

This stinks!”

Triple D starts messing with our heads. We start having crazy conversations.

Lisa even had some of those conversations. But… she didn’t allow those conversations to become reality.

Lisa crushed Triple D with action.

She kept going.

She kept contacting folks. Kept the dream alive.

Than one day, the editor of a large newsletter contacts her wanting to do an exclusive full-length story about keeping her dreams alive.

Now imagine the thrill knowing your business is going out to 500,000 subscribers!

That is how you crush discouragement, disappointment and disillusionment. You keep moving. You keep dreaming.

Is Triple D trying to knock you out?

Keep the battle lines strong by continuing to move forward.

Don’t let the pit turn into a prison. Breakout by taking action!

Success come to those who persevere.

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