Tracking Your Mind You Lost Yesterday

How long have you been on line mining projects you still have not done? What was your original goal?

Do you understand what happened and why you may or may not have accomplished your original goal? I ‘ve heard it said from a lot of different sources the net distracted them to the point they lost their minds.

My original goal was publishing my own newsletter. It ran for two years or more while I learned the ropes. Now I have expanded to seven blogs that I need a team to keep abreast of.

There is always lots to say. Lots to learn and share, and lots that confuse issues rather than protect you and me from the scams and shams and hyip and cyclers that seem to be making the rounds again.

There is the relationship forming of getting to know you and you getting to know me. What makes our worlds go round? It’s not always join this, join that, but rather stop and smell the roses. Find out if you enjoy what you are already doing.

Are you a member of Facebook? I have a time line there and we have the ViralHost  fan page for you to keep checking. In fact, would appreciate your ‘like‘ to get us off the ground floor and your comments so we can begin to build a page that includes your marketing interests and goals. Our ViralHost fan page is YOURS  to help develop.

One interest we do have is building the ViralHost Social community (check it out and join us.) where you can really give us the inside scoop on what you like and do not like. What you would like to see and what would help you grow.

Then we can move those needs to ViralHost fan page where it can really pay off helping position you on the net.

Relationship building is the buzz word these days but it means a lot more that ‘Hi, how are you?‘  People do business with those they like and trust. That is time consuming when you have debt collectors literally sitting on your doorstep. It might also be a hard row when you are no longer a young chicken looking to make your mark.

Help us help you. No one should work alone. No one needs to feel isolated from other members or desired success in their plans. Join and be active in our social community. Get to know your fellow members who are all out to build their Internet future just like you are.

If you are a member of FaceBook then please give us a like on our fan page and help us grow it as the traffic grabbing center of  the  social world.  Imagine what that traffic could do for you.

Your editor …
Fran Klasinski- warriorlady
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