Promote or Die!

You MUST continuously promote your products or services to a hungry market or watch your business die!

We are going to refer to the action as advertising or marketing or Direct Mail or … or  …  or…

It’s all part of the learning curve for new marketers and affiliates and network marketers and … and … and …

As you learn the jargon, you learn faster how to settle into who you are and the role you intend to play on the net. Most importantly, you learn to decipher what the heck it is someone out there is trying to tell you.

If you were learning a new language, its descriptor might be ‘patois’ but if you are speaking online selling then there are 100 different methods and each one has its own ‘jargon’ you need to learn. Thus the descriptors vary while your confusion increases.

From the slowest learner to the insanely quick, there is no reset button on the human brain. You either get it [the message] or you need help from someone to get you on track.

The sales copy may play on human emotions with intent to get subscribers to respond quickly, but however it is done, there are just a few simple steps that formulate all copy approaches:
Attract qualified potential buyers
If you intend to sell, even to Aunt Mary, you better qualify her need.
Give them a reason to buy from you.
Who are you and why should they trust whatever you choose to  recommend?   Know, like and trust often have to be quick.
  Give them a reason to buy TODAY!
Work on preparing the irresistible offer if you want them to buy today.   What makes your offer special? What will they get from you that they cannot get somewhere else?

Do your job right and the last two steps are easy.
Deposit the money and enjoy spending it!

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing with finesse.
Wherever prospects go, You want to be there

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