Monday Marketing with ViralHost

Becoming an affiliate of ViralHost is incredibly easy and can be incredibly profitable.

Basically, you simply act as a salesperson for SEVEN different parts of ViralHost, all income creators, all commissionable.

You will use the promotional materials we provide and we will pay you, as our active affiliate, a commission for each sale you make.

You won’t have any of the overhead or support services related to creating, delivering or servicing the needs of the people who join you.

Once you sign up, you will be able to use a myriad of graphics and advertising materials we provide to help you achieve your sales goals.

As a ViralHost affiliate, we are committed to providing you with as many different ways and media as possible to promote ViralHost.

Your job as an affiliate is to get the advertising materials out there so the reader can take the next logical step which is to click and go to the site where they can choose to join you.

ADvertise to Succeed
Your ads you create are very important as well.  Your only job is to sell the click. The door of opportunity comes down to 3 seconds or  seven words to get their attention or the ballgame is over.

The One Step System
The different Traffic Exchanges, safe lists, viral promoters or other strategies you choose to employ may mean several different size ads.When you use a small ad compared to a sales page for instance, on a website, this is called one-step marketing.  The ad when clicked, takes your prospect directly to the join, products or order page on the company site.

Why does this work? It works because your ad is designed to attract your target market – people who are interested in what you have to offer.  Once they click on the ad, they are ready to sign up.

The Popular Two-Step System
This system requires your ad to create enough curiosity to encourage the click. The viewer is taken to the web site sales page where the    web copy makes the sale.

AIDA? Nope, let’s smooth the edges to CDA

What is CDA? Curiosity, Desire, Action.

Basically, you will use the classifieds ads design of three parts.

  • 1. The Headline
    2. The Body
    3. The Call To Action

Remember the three seconds or seven words time limit to get the sale? Well it all starts in your headline.   SEVEN hard hitting words to verablize the whole intent.

The best headlines present a problem and a solution.  The body provides the benefit to them to take the call to action which can be to join or to purchase.

When you choose to become a ViralHost affiliate, we will show you ad tricks and how to write catchy curiosity headlines that will earn you the click.

Update ~
Watch for a whole new section defining business building or affiliate choices. Connect with us any time by clicking the support button on the  home page of Your questions are answered three different times of the day.

We believe in top notch support. We are #1 bar none with help, solutions and direction to fit your needs. At, we have your back.

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